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IPG already has lease commitments for highly improved industrial space. 


Industrial Partners Group works with private investors to obtain debt investment for industrial property acquisitions in Southern California that are well suited to develop for needs of industrial tenants requiring highly specialized, custom-build industrial space. Please contact us to learn about any possible current investment opportunities.
IPG offers investors:
- Unique opportunity of crowd-financing highly improved industrial facilities
- Typical returns of 12% per annum with monthly payouts*
- Secured by a first lien (deed of trust) on the industrial real estate
- Increments as small as $10,000 accepted

IPG performs extensive due diligence on target properties to determine that following renovation and appropriate improvements the properties can be repositioned for specialized industrial tenants.  The majority of industrial property is not well suited for the needs of new economy industrial tenants.   Given our extensive experience in planning, design, permitting and construction, IPG can readily identify industrial properties with the necessary characteristics for successful custom-build industrial space. 
Contact us today to discuss investment opportunities:

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